LCD Screen Replacement

Fast replacement of broken or cracked Laptop, Notebook and Tablet PC LCD Screens.

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Broken laptop display?

Replacement may not be as expensive as you think. Most screen replacement is under R 2000.00 including part and labour.

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How to determine if you need a new screen?

If you've dropped your laptops or dropped something on it and the screen has fractured, the diagnosis is easy. Connect an external monitor to your notebook via its Video-out port (VGA, HDMI, mini-HDMI, Display Port ...) to verify that the notebook's other components still work. If the laptop functions properly in all other respects, it's time to start hunting for the parts to fix the screen.

Here are few common answers to typical screen problems:

Q: My laptop screen is dark, but the computer is working with external monitor. Can I order a screen to fix the problem?

A: To change a laptop screen, you need find the same size, same resolution, and same back light one. If the resolution is different than the original one, it has chance to burn your video card on the motherboard.

Q: What is the difference between Matt and glossy computer LCD screens?

A: Glossy and matte screens are absolutely interchangeable and it's just the type of the screen surface. Glossy screens use an optical coating to reduce the amount of external light reflecting from the surface without affecting light emanating from the screen. Their shiny surfaces still reflect more light than matte displays, but are less reflective than an uncoated glossy display would be; reflections of external light sources are not diffused by glossy displays, so certain lighting conditions tend to favour a traditional, anti-glare screen. In controlled environments, such as darkened rooms, or rooms where all light sources are diffused, a glossy display may be more enjoyable for the viewer.

Q: How to find your laptop model number?

A: When finding a correct replacement screen for your notebook or netbook, the laptop model number is the most important piece of information. Another important piece of information is the original screen model number, it can be found after you move the LCD panel out. If you have difficulty to find the model number, please drop your laptop off at our service centre, we will help you to find the right LCD panel for you.

Q: How long will it take to replace a LCD screen for my laptop?

A: It mostly takes around 2 or 3 business days to finish the work. First we need check the screen model and order the right one from our warehouse. When the screen is in our service centre, our technician will change the screen for you. After that, we will test the screen for a couple hours to make sure everything is OK. Then you may come to pick it up.