Haupt broadband has arrived in Durban

20150327191502Haupt Broadband Wireless offers customers across Durban access to the Internet using the most advances wireless network available. This is achieved via our expanding HAUPT footprint of wireless access technology. Haupt broadband is a complete A to Z service that will have you connected the moment your service is installed.


What are the benefits of using HAUPT Broadband

  1. Being a wireless service, we can install faster than other providers.
  2. Haupt Broadband is a wireless service, you don't need a phone line.
  3. We offer low contention ratios, 25:1, 10:1 and even 1:1
  4. The enineers at HAUPT manage and maintain the network.
  5. Being wireless, we are less suseptible to copper theft.

Services offerd by Haupt Broadband

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Offsite Backup
  • VPN Connectivity
  • Trafic management
  • Remote Surveillance Access - Static Ip’s ownly
  • Inter Branch Connectivity
  • Remote Desktop Applications
  • Transit to TERACO
  • Ip Phone system’s
  • Static Ip address on demand
  • Low Contention ratio 25:1
  • Low Contention ratio 10:1
  • Low Contention ratio 1:1